Claire has been ‘smiling’ for a while, but I haven’t yet been convinced that they are genuine smiles yet. Until today.

I was feeling pretty tired all day yesterday and today. Claire has been such a good sleeper, but the last two nights weren’t quite as calm as usual, so by the second day I was feeling kind of down.

Jason was holding her in the living room. I walked over and said something to her. She immediately looked over at me and gave me a huge, genuine smile. It was the first time Jason and I could tell it was clearly in response to my voice and my face. She just stared at me and kept smiling so big – eyes wide and this adorable open mouth smile. I felt so overwhelmed and started to cry. I said to her, “Oh Claire! I love you so much! It’s ok that I’m tired – I don’t mind. I love taking care of you! I just want you to be so, so happy!”

I always want to remember this little memory of her.