Saturday, March 11 – Claire was born at 5:17pm today. Here is her birth story. We stayed in the hospital our first night and I just held her. I was on a total high and didn’t feel sleepy or tired at all. I was just so excited and happy and just felt a whirlwind of adrenaline and excitement. Claire is absolutely adorable. Her little head, arms, hands and body just melt my heart. One of my favorite memories of these first couple of days is feeding her adnd looking down at her little body. She has the cutest head shape. Her little arms fold up and she puts her little fists right on her cheeks next to her mouth while she eats. Her little jaw goes up and down and it is just the cutest thing in the world. She is so tiny.

Sarah and my Mom came by tonight. Sarah brought a beautiful bouquet of pinkish purple tulips and a darling little Kyte baby onesie in ‘Blossom’, the same color as the tulips. She laughed about how she told me not to buy any newborn clothes (since they wouldn’t fit the baby for very long), but then how by taking her advice, I didn’t actually have any clothes that would fit her. I did buy the one little white newborn outfit for her, but even that newborn size was drowning her.

My mom brought the most gorgeous bouquet of pink roses for me and a beautiful white baby orchid in a white pot and a card for Claire. We put the orchid in Claire’s nursery and it is absolutely perfect.

My mom and Sarah stayed and held the baby and talked with us, hearing all about the labor and delivery story. My mom had flown in from Palm Springs that evening after hearing I was in full on labor. Jason was trying to keep everyone updated on what was going on during the labor and delivery. He had texted my family that I was starting to push, but then when we ended up waiting for the doctor, there was an hour or two delay til the next text, so my mom was frantic as she drove to the airport and boarded the plane. She thought I had possibly had to go in for an emergency c section or that some other complication had come up.

She got the final text that Claire had arrived safely and that we were both ok right before she had to turn off her phone as the plane took off.

I was SO happy to have my mom and sister there! I can’t describe the high I felt that day. It was truly the most incredible day of my life.

Sunday, March 12 – We stayed in the hospital again Sunday night. I felt this same adrenaline high all throughout Sunday. I wasn’t tired. I hadn’t slept at all since 7:15am on Saturday morning, and still wasn’t tired because of the adrenaline.

We gave Claire her first bath this day. We decided to wait to bathe her until the morning after the delivery, so Sunday morning, after my Mom came by again, we followed the nurse over to the nursery where they give the newborns their little baths.

This was one of my other all time favorite memories of our hospital stay. Claire LOVED her bath. The nurse used nice warm water and Claire just looked around with the cutest little expression I’ve ever seen. She was in heaven. When the nurse washed her hair, I about died seeing Claire’s little look of wonderment. The nurse then got her all wrapped up in a warm towel and got out a little tiny toothbrush. She used the toothbrush to comb her hair and then handed it to me to try. Oh my goodness. That was one of the cutest things I have ever seen in my entire life.

I am so happy that my Mom was there for this first little bath. We also took videos of it all and I am so glad we did. I’ll never forget this memory!

My Mom stayed for a few hours and spent time with us and the baby. I was still on a high this entire day. I took a shower and rested, but didn’t really sleep.

She has been doing such a good job eating. I had been feeling great about how the breastfeeding was going and everything else that day went well.

At about 11pm, I fed her 12 min on each side and tried to put her down. She was fussy, so I tried holding her and about 45 minutes later, she was rooting again. I fed her again and this time she did 7 min on one side, 25 min on the other side, and then another 15 min on the first side. She just kept rooting, so I kept ‘feeding’ her. She still wouldn’t go down after this. I fed her AGAIN. 15 min on each side. After this one, it was then 2am. She still wouldn’t stop fussing and sleep. At this point, I think the exhaustion of no sleep for 43 hours had started to kick in. I called the nurse and she came in and said that Claire might just be nursing for comfort and not actually eating. She said that I needed to get some sleep and so they took Claire to the nursery for a few hours. They also said we could try a pacifier. I had thought I wasn’t supposed to use one until she was three weeks old, but they said that if the baby is nursing just fine, that it is ok. She slept in the nursery and I slept from 2:30 until 6:00 am. Those 3 1/2 hours made me feel like a million dollars. The next morning, I was back on that same high again.

Monday, March 13 – We headed home from the hospital today!

My Mom came by again this morning and stayed with me until 1pm or so, when she had to leave for the airport. Jason and I took our time to get ready to go. We had one last meal, a late afternoon lunch and then got ready to be checked out.

We left around 5 and the weather was absolutely gorgeous. Spring is finally here. We got a bunch of pictures of the hospital room, the cart with our things on it, and of Claire in her car seat for the first time. We got pictures of the three of us in the hospital lobby before we went outside. We also took some darling videos of her on the way home. The drive home was another of my favorite memories. I was on a total high again this entire day.

When we got home, we talked to her as we showed her the house and her little nursery. “Claire, we are home! This is your house! We are so happy we get to bring you home! Here is your little room! This is your little bassinet..” It was SO SO fun to bring her home.

I’ve also felt like my recovery has been going pretty well. These first few days, I was still very sore and in pain, but I took Motrin every 8 hours and that helped a lot. My joints have started to stop hurting, which feels so so good. I noticed the pain going away yesterday and today and I am so relieved. I’m starting to feel more like myself each day.

Tuesday, March 14 – My milk came in today. I could tell this afternoon and evening when I fed Claire. She had milk for dinner while listening to mozart on the Amazon Echo my mom gave us.

Claire also had her first manicure today. 🙂 I filed her nails while I fed her to help her avoid scratching her face.

Wednesday, March 15 – My milk definitely came in. When I woke up, I just laughed – it was so obvious.

Liz came by to meet Claire today. She brought all these groceries and snacks and the cutest little balloons shaped like stars – one gold and one white. Adorable. She brought smoothie drinks, apples, pizza,

Thursday, March 16 – Claire went on her first walk today. Jason and I put her in her new stroller and went for a walk along the river trail. Claire met a bulldog named Zeus on the way to the trail. We also saw some ducks, a pigeon, a group of deer and a pretty green mallard on the way home.

My breasts have totally softened up now. My body is totally starting to feel normal. I can tell the water retention is going down and that my joints have stopped hurting. It feels SO good. I was kind of sad at the thought of not being pregnant anymore, but now that things are starting to feel better, I am feeling so happy to get my body back to normal.

I also finally got a chance to post a picture of Claire and announce that she had arrived on social media. It has been so fun to read everyone’s comments.

Her Uncle James came by to meet her tonight. We had pizza and just talked and got caught up on things.

Friday, March 17 – Cami came by today. She brought flowers, so many groceries, a huge box of wipes and a whole bunch of other things. Cami has five kids of her own and really has her hands full. I couldn’t believe she came over. It just made me cry – it meant so much.

I have felt so many different emotions this week. I have been on cloud nine, and I have been more exhausted than I ever have in my life. I have to admit that I have felt very alone at times. I feel anxious about how to take care of Claire. I’ve felt overwhelmed and pinned down sometimes too. But whenever I’ve had a tiny break, even just an hour or so, I’ve all the sudden felt so excited again, like I just can’t wait to hold Claire.

Saturday, March 18 – Claire is one week old today! I can’t believe it. When talking to Jason about it, I just can’t wrap my brain around the fact that it was a whole week ago that she arrived. It feels like it was yesterday.

I am overwhelmed with gratitude that we were blessed with this darling baby girl. I am so relieved and grateful that she is healthy and that she arrived safely. I love her and Jason to pieces. I don’t know what I did to deserve these two. I feel like the luckiest person in the world.