I wanted to make Jason’s 40th birthday one of his best yet. With our baby girl coming in just 5 1/2 weeks, we were super limited in what we could plan. I’m not supposed to fly anymore or go on any long or far away trips. I can’t go in a hot air balloon, I can’t go sky diving, I can’t even go skiing.

Anyways, I tried to brainstorm and come up with some fun things that we could still do.

I decided to do 40 little gifts for Jason. I planned them all out and then wrapped them all in gold. I did a color scheme of gold, red and dark magenta. Sort of close to Redskins colors, but a little more chic, and cute with Valentine’s Day around the corner.

I numbered each gift and then hid them around our house. He had to find them all before he started opening them. As he found each one, he reminisced about what he did for his birthday that year. My favorite one is when he found present #1: He said “On my first birthday, my parents got me a parrot. I named him Greenie.” Bhahahah so adorable.

Better yet was at his birthday dinner with my parents: We told my parents about the parrot and the name. My Dad immediately asks, “Was the parrot yellow or blue?” hahahahah. (My Dad misheard him say the name he picked out.)

Here are the little gifts I put together:

Star Wars Book
Sriracha Sauce
Baby Owner’s Manual
Rocky road ice cream
Heel rub
Neck rub
Tickets to Logan
Hershey’s with Almond
The Female Brain Book
Star Wars BandAids
One night of Monday Night Raw – I will watch Trip prep
Another night of Monday Night Raw – I will watch
Hershey’s with Almond Trip treats
Hershey’s with Almond
Raspberry cookies
Trail mix
Mix CD – Classic rock
Mix CD – Country
Mix CD – Country 2
Hero Dad book
Hush Little Polar Bear Book
Little Polar Bear book
Guess How Much I Love You Book
Guess How Much – Tiny Boxed Set
Polar bear puzzle/decoration
Ballet tix
Dinner before
Dark Salted Caramel Chocolate
Happiest Baby on the Block Book
Smuckers frozen sandwiches
Bottle opener
Cookies (to make today)
Foot rub
Custom blazer

Next, I posted a picture of him when he was a little boy on social media with this note:

This little blond haired, blue eyed boy grew up to be the love of my life. Happy 40th Birthday Jason! I’m so grateful for you. Marrying you was the easiest and best decision of my entire life. Before I met you, the idea of getting married made me claustrophobic and gave me a huge knot in my stomach. After dating you, everything changed – moving forward was suddenly easy. I am so happy I found you. I love life with you. I hope this year is one of your best yet and I can’t wait for you to be a Dad to our little girl. 🙂 Happy 40th birthday babey.

I planned a birthday dinner for him that evening at Log Haven Restaurant with a group of all our friends. Log Haven is up Millcreek Canyon and is just gorgeous. I brought cakes and favors and balloons. It was such a fun night.

We went to dinner with my parents the next Monday at Caffe Molise in Salt Lake. We had never been there before. It’s delicious.

Finally, we celebrated with a fancy dinner up at the Viking Yurt in Park City. This is a special six course dinner evening where you ride in a sleigh up to the top of Park City Resort. They have a yurt up at the top that is decked out with a gourmet chef and staff. The food was SO good. At the end, they brought out Jason’s dessert with a firecracker in it. It was literally going crazy, shooting sparks all over the place and up like three feet into the air.

Finally, we went to the WWE event in Las Vegas on Monday, February 13th. We did the little trip down to Vegas as the final celebration of his birthday week/month and also to celebrate Valentine’s Day.