Birthday 10/28/2017

“Can you guess what it is, bud?”
“Dat’s a diggie book”


After opening the book we gave him about all kinds of trucks and tractors
“What’s that one?”
“A snowcat”
“And this one?”
“Garbage truck”
“And this one?”
“Cement Truck”
“hahhhahahaha oh man he already knows all of these?”

Last week? At Mom and Dad’s house.
“Miles, do you remember that tool in the kitchen drawer that you saw? What was it again?”
“Meat ten-der-iz-er”

At Sarah’s last week or so.

I walk in and go upstairs where Miles is standing to say hi. Kneeling, I say
“Hiiiiiii Miles!!! How are you?!!!!!” I reach out for a big hug.
Miles walks up to me, looks at me and says, “Where’s Jason?”

Friday 1/13/2017

“Ok Nanny. Ok.”


I hear Sarah upstairs with Miles.
“What is this letter?”
“And what’s this one?”
And this one?
“What sound does this one make?”
“Good! And this one?”
And this one?
“Can you put them together? Juhhh…Awhhh….”
Then just silence….
I hear Sarah kind of moving on to something else, and I figure Miles has kind of lost interest by now. But about ten seconds later, I hear Miles say quietly: