Well, I made it to the start of month nine! I cannot believe it. This pregnancy has just flown by.

I wanted to make sure I wrote down some of the milestones and events before the baby came and things got too busy for me to catch up on everything.

I think I am going to miss being pregnant. Aside from just a couple minor things, I have just loved it. I feel very lucky to have had a very smooth pregnancy. I can’t believe it is almost over.

But, I am definitely so excited to meet this little one. I wonder what she will be like. What she will like, what kind of personality she will have, and what she’ll look like.


Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

July 1st – Found out I was expecting!
July 3rd – Told Jason!

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Weeks 7-15, I definitely felt nauseous. Ugh. I hated it. I didn’t really actually throw up much, but I felt like I was going to, which is the worst part of it for me.

Week 8

Week 9

Week 10

Week 11

Week 12


Week 13

(Friday, September 2nd)

Week 14 (Friday, September 9th)

We went to Nashville this weekend to see Jason’s cousin Bobby play in a few games. We had a great time, but I did feel pretty tired during the trip and was feeling the same random nausea from time to time.

Also, during this trip, I had a few times where I all the sudden felt like I was going into shock – I don’t know what it is, but I get this weird thing whenever I would get my blood drawn for iron tests back when I was running.

Here’s the best I can do to describe it: I feel like all the blood is suddenly rushing out of my head and down the back of my neck. I suddenly feel super clammy and sweaty. I feel like I might black out. I feel like I might suddenly throw up. I have to immediately sit down or put my head down. The first time it happened during this trip, I was with Jason’s Aunt Teri and Bobby’s wife Kaitie. We were out shopping and I suddenly just felt absolutely sick. I sat down, then used the restroom, sat some more and then started to feel better.

The next time it happened, Jason and I were waiting to cross the street in downtown Nashville. Ugh I had to literally sit down and hold onto the crossing light post and then I had to do it again a little further up the street. So embarrassing. I have no idea what made me feel that weird feeling all the sudden. I got it again randomly a few more times over the coming weeks.

Week 15

Week 16

Went to Fetal Fotos
Announced the gender to everyone

Week 17

Week 18

Week 19

Week 20 (Friday, October 20th)

Week 21

Tuesday, October 25th

I felt the baby move for the first time today ! I was sitting at my desk when I suddenly felt a little ‘fluttery’ feeling in my tummy. I wondered if I was finally feeling the baby move, but I wasn’t sure. I started to feel the feeling a little more over the next day or two, and felt so excited. I could start to feel her (just lightly) by putting my hand on my tummy too.

Wednesday, October 26th

Tonight after midnight (so it was technically the 27th and my birthday), I had Jason feel my tummy and he felt her move for the first time. That was one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen. Jason got the biggest smile on his face and said ‘Whoa!!! No way!!!’. He has been the most adorable future Dad. He gets so excited about everything. I’m so happy that he will be this little girl’s daddy.

Week 22

Week 23

Week 24

Week 25

Week 26

Week 27


Week 28

Week 29

Week 30

Week 31

Week 32

Week 33

Week 34

Week 35

Week 36 (Friday, February 10th)

I have still been feeling great for the most part. My joints still hurt – especially in the morning. But I don’t have too much else to complain about. I feel very lucky that things have gone so smoothly so far.

Saturday, February 11th

We had a family baby shower today. My Aunt Chick and Aunt Chris threw it for me and it was so fun! A bunch of my aunts and cousins came, along with my sister and my mom. It was really fun to catch up with everyone.

Sunday, February 12th

This little baby girl’s nursery is almost done! We just need to hang up a couple shelves and finish up a few other things.

Week 37

Week 38

Week 39

Right around this week, I started to get a little nervous about the delivery. Seriously, for someone who has never had a baby, the thought is a little terrifying. I found myself wanting to talk to people to help calm myself down. My sister Sarah was such a blessing. She was so patient in answering questions, talking to me and just helping me in general. I’m a lucky girl.

Week 40

On my due date, March 10th, I went on a walk with Tara, my best friend from college. We walked along the river trail and took some pictures of me to celebrate making it to my due date. I’m so glad we took those pics! I can’t believe those would end up being pictures of the day before I had Claire.
Later that day, I went to run some errands and return a few last baby things that we weren’t going to use. I walked around the mall quite a bit and bought a darling blue silk dress with a matching headband. It has smocking across the front and little red flowers on it.