Oh my goodness. What a crazy few weeks this has been. This week, my Mom took me on an overnight outing up to Park City. It was SO nice.

I’ve felt lonely many of the days since Jason has had so much work to do. I haven’t been able to really work much this first month since all my focus has been on Claire, so my mind has been idle and I’ve felt antsy and alone sometimes. My mom is back from her traveling now and we’ve finally had a chance to spend time together with Claire.

We came up to Park City last Thursday for the afternoon and it was so much fun to have some company and a peaceful afternoon up there. We picked up some soup and sandwiches at Zupas and just relaxed. Jason went out of town this week for a few days, so my Mom and I decided to come up again and stay overnight this time. Having some time with my mom has been the ultimate treat.

Wednesday morning, my mom came to my house. She held Claire and gave me time to take a nice long shower and wash my hair. It felt so good!

Next, we headed up to Park City. We stopped at Blue Lemon on the way up and enjoyed some lunch. Claire was an angel and slept the whole time.

It was so nice to just have time to talk. I’ve had so many ups and downs over these first few weeks as a first time mom. The most difficult things have probably been the exhaustion from the lack of sleep and also the pain I’ve had trying to breast feed Claire. I also haven’t yet figured out how to understand what she needs at different times. I often can’t really put her down because she’ll start to cry. I end up holding her almost the entire day and most of the night. For sleeping, I haven’t been able to get her to stay asleep in her bassinet. I’ve only been able to get her to sleep by laying her down right next to me. I put my elbow out above her head and then kind of curl up around her so that I can’t roll over in my sleep. (I don’t move in my sleep anyways, but I’ve just wanted to be as safe as possible). Most people recommend not co sleeping, so I have been anxious to find a way to get her to sleep in her own little bed. Anyways, needless to say, every hour of my life has been baby focused since Claire was born.

My mom suggested that we try a different shape of pacifier for Claire. She hasn’t liked the green one we got from the hospital. We stopped by Walmart on our way to the condo. I ran in to see if they had the pacifiers. I grabbed some Nuk brand and some MAM brand ones to try. I also happened to see some breast shields next to the pacifiers. I hesitated, and then thought, “Who knows? Maybe these could help a little.”

I haven’t really known what to do about the breastfeeding pain. It was going really well until about a week after I got home. I think the pain medication I was taking might have just made me think it wasn’t painful because as soon as I was done with those meds, it started to feel excruciating. I realized I had a couple cracks that were making it miserable for me. I really want to breast feed Claire, but it’s not easy.

Anyways, while up at the condo in park city, my mom worked on a few projects while I just relaxed and recovered. I put together this new little swing that I bought for Claire.

We tried the new

Put together her new little swing.

Went to